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Wining and Dining – Style We Love.

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Wining and Dining – Style We Love.

So it’s always a good time to get some inspiration for entertaining friends and family and I thought I’d share some inspiration to get your ‘tablescape‘ aka. dining table looking fabulous for the social season! Whatever your style is, there’s always simple steps you can take to style to suit your tastes and to really wow your guests!



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  • plan around a simple color palette of two or three colors. Black and white never fails but of course you can choose any colors you like.
  • simple or little patterns and texture for your table cloth and napkins.
  • small floral arrangements, foliage and accessories are the way to go (you can even pick something from your own garden!)
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE – less is more – no mess, no fuss!


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Cliveden Side Plate -

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  • It’s all about mixing and matching! Mix your plate sets, cutlery and glassware!
  • Color is your friend – go ahead and play with combinations of your favorite colors all in one place – have fun with it and don’t stress too much.
  • Mix up your textures and accessories. Feel free to add little ornaments that add a touch of your personality to your table too. This style is perfect if you like mixing a touch of vintage with the modern.


Decorating with Feathers: Ideas & Inspirations ( I like picture 2, 4, and 13...dining room??)

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gorgeous rustic wedding table decor ideas... in a french theme #weddinginspiration // photography: Jen Wojcik Photography //

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  • Think – neutral color palette to match natural shades of timber and green foliage.
  • Choose textured fabrics like linens and hessian fabric.
  • Accessorize your table with wild flowers, broken off branches, acorns, feathers! Think of bringing aspects of the outdoors in and you won’t go wrong. (just check for bugs in anything you bring in from outside before you set in on the table!)



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Meadowsweet Dinner Plate #Anthropologie

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Out-of-the-Box Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays — Minimalist/Maximalist

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  • Color is the name of the game – very similar to the eclectic style!
  • All your op-shop home-wares will find their perfect use here…and the new style of modern colorful plates will be stunning in this setting.
  • Flowers and succulent plants make for beautiful pops of color and a fresh vibe..
  • Think mixed textures and materials – glass, ceramics, metals – the more the merrier!

Traditional, for example Christmas:

plaid napkins Christmas table setting idea

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  • Green, Red, White/Neutrals and splashes of gold and silver – traditional Christmas colors drawn from nature’s color palette.
  • Foliage, red berries and ‘snowy’ white ornaments work well as decor.
  • You can use one of the colors as your base and build all the other elements around it.

If you’re not the type of family or group of friends to sit at the table and you prefer a ‘grazing table’ type of set-up, read on. This is a great idea where everyone can grab a plate of food and disperse to perch themselves everywhere around the house. Here’s some super inspiration for you too:

Grazing Tables:

Image credit: Boho Weddings & Life

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Outdoor cocktail party

Image credit: Blush Pink Events

  • Oh the pretty colors! This style is pretty much a super-sized appetizer board.
  • Create serving boards or platters of everyone’s favorite foods – hot or cold!
  • Be mindful of any allergies you know anyone has and it’s handy to use some kind of signage so people can tell what’s what when its not obvious (Avoid being asked ‘what dip is this?‘ over and over!).
  • This is also a great way to have guests bring and share dishes too, so if you prefer to have a ‘potluck’ style get-together consider your set up of what dishes will be arranged where on your serving table. You can keep all vegetarian food on one side and meats on the other for example.

Check Out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration of how you can spruce up your table and party areas at home!

Happy entertaining and remember to make it your own!



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