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Styling with Plants Edit – Style We Love

By February 14, 2018March 28th, 2018Lifestyle, Style Trend, The Edit

TOP 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

– The Edit!

The indoor plant craze has well and truly settled into our everyday styling schemes now. I’m not sure if everyone is fully embracing the craze as a beautiful addition to our homes or a passing trend. The two opposing camps, to have or not to have indoor greenery are very much divided and while I think there is a high emphasis for indoor plants in the Australian styling world, it really does come to personal preference! In my opinion, greenery is definitely a winner, even if  its only a tiny succulent here and there – so long as  you’re getting the right balance of color in your room and achieving the right level of awesome styling to suit your individual taste and personality, you’re on the right track!

I have owned several plants in my lifetime and to date they are all pretty much DEAD! Terrible I know! Often its death by over-watering, usually after I’ve forgotten about them for a while and then suddenly remember that they haven’t been watered for a while and then proceed to drown them! ( I should probably just set an alarm on my phone…!)

Anyway, that train of thought has led to today’s post:  The TOP 10 Low Maintenance indoor plants (from my own research) to add some green life and love to your space! Et voila….

  1. Calathea

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Image credit: Gardens 4 You

There are different varieties of this particular plant and they are known not only for their attractive leaf patterns and that they are easy to care for, but also that they act as air purifiers. You can find them at your local Bunnings . They are sensitive to the type of water you use – preferably distilled water or rain water  and they prefer not to be in direct sunlight. Read these articles here and here to find out more about caring for these plants. Love this patterned green leafy plant potted up and centered on your dining table or console table.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Image credit:

Renowned not only for its beauty and easy to care for status, aloe vera is well loved for its medicinal uses too! The sap that you can squeeze straight out of the leaf can be used to treat grazes, insect bites and sunburn. Read here for more benefits of the plant.  This plant can also be watered and fertilized sparingly, making it popular for those of us that need low maintenance plants in our lives! The smaller aloes look great on a shelf or window sill and larger version in a pretty plant pot in your reading nook or living room!

3. Monstera Deliciosa

Growing Tips for Monstera

Image credit: House of Home

This gorgeous plant that can grow tall and wide, not only looks great but requires low maintenance too. Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, because of the holes in its leaves, this plant is great for indoor styling and can be kept in a light area (not direct sunlight) and watered moderately. You can pick up one of these beauties at your local Ikea and I think it adds the perfect touch of green and an outdoor ‘jungle vibe’ to any room!

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Image credit: The Inspired

I love the Fiddle Leaf Fig’s large green leaves! It looks great in a beautiful woven basket or clay pot in that empty corner of your room that you’re not sure how to fill.  Another popular large leaf plant that is easy to grow in an area of good air circulation, bright but indirect sunlight and a good amount of space. Indoors the plant can grow up to 3 meters tall (15 meters in their native habitat) and be watered very sparingly. You can pick up one of these at your local Bunnings.

5. Marble Queen Ivy Scindapsus

Image result for Marble Queen Ivy Scindapsus

Image credit:

I think this would look great on a bookshelf or an empty window sill space! This plant characterized by pale green leaves, and some white leaves on trailing stems prefers natural light and minimal watering to maintain its lush look. It also has extra air-purifying properties  making it a great option for a home office! Available at Bunnings!

6. Corn Cane Plant (Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana)

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Image credit:

This plant is grown best in low light settings and doesn’t really require fertilizer when used indoors. The plant also likes a good soak when being watered but should be drained well so avoid root rot. The long green leaves have a dramatic yellow stripe and are a great potted plant option for home or office. I think it adds a fresh tropical feel to any room and would brighten up an otherwise dull or dark room! Available here. 

7. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

So this particular plant was recommended to me by a friend as a hardy indoor plant, that I would be less likely to kill given my unsuccessful track record. I love the lush green leaves, and it also has a pretty white flower that sometimes gives off a subtle scent. I’m a bit sensitive to scents so I’ll have to give this one a go and let you know how I go! Available from Bunnings here. I think it would work well in a pretty plant pot, as shown in this image, either on a shelf or placed on the floor in your reading nook or living space.

8. Philodendron Selloum

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Image credit:

This is another great indoor plant thats available from Ikea. This plant grows large dark green leaves as well as growing quite wide so its great to fill up a large empty space in your home. Downside is that it is considered poisonous so not recommended if you have pets or curious children! It loves bright indirect light and doesn’t mind a good watering – just don’t let it get soggy!

9. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica Burgundy)

Image result for rubber tree

Image credit: Epic Gardening

I really love the look of this plant that can grow up to three meters tall indoors. It’s fleshly dark leaves have a burgundy highlight and look like leather. Its another hardy plant and can be watered very little, more so if you have it in a very sunny position. Available from here and here, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with this choice to use in your bedroom or sun lounging room!

10. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis fern)

Image result for Boston fern

Image credit:

This is a very hardy fern with long trailing fronds that enjoys shady and relatively humid surrounds, so its great for a bathroom! You can have this in a pot or as a hanging plant and it doesn’t need to be fertilized regularly but you should keep the soil moist so it doesn’t dry out. Available here.

For some ideas of how to style your space with all this green goodness have a look at my ‘Styling with Flowers and Greenery’ Pinterest page here!

Hope you’ve got some inspiration of how to add some lovely and low-maintenance greenery to your home and also take care of it relatively easily!

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** Featured image from Elle Decor Japan

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