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Designers We Love – The Wood Bender – Tom Raffield

By May 27, 2017November 17th, 2017Designer Profile

Designers We Love – The Wood Bender – Tom Raffield

I love sharing inspirational designers with you – there’s s many ideas all over the place and it’s great to learn how other designers are using their skills to develop amazing spaces!

While indulging in a much needed dose of Grand Designs, I was super captivated by the work of Cornwall (England) based furniture and lighting designer Tom Raffield. On this particular episode I discovered there was such a thing as wood steam-bending and man is it beautiful! Tom Raffield and his wife Danielle basically designed and built this AMAZING steam bent house in the middle of a woodland, and watching their process and the finished product, was nothing short of fabulous!

Tom and Danielle Raffield’s Steam bent Cornwall Masterpiece!

Image Credit:


Different aspects of the home showing the sleeping, living and outdoor spaces:

Image credit:

Gorgeous right?! And the fact that they made ALL their own lighting and furniture, totally embraces the idea of truly making your house your own! Now of course, not all of us, are quite as gifted in this particular arena but that’s why I love finding these inspiring designers from whom you can get many great design and styling ideas for your own living spaces – even if you can’t make your own pendant light!

Tom Raffield’s lighting and furniture range is so beautiful and I think I appreciate its beauty even more after having watched this episode of Grand Designs and seeing how they actually make their products. Some of my favourite pieces from the current range are:

Hanging Chair – I totally love this – And I so want one when I have a backyard to look out on! Image credit:

Sleek and comfy armchair – looks so smart! Image credit:

Love how the light streams through this pendant. Image credit: Tom Raffield

Another thought that came to me from watching this episode was that you should surround yourself with the things you love and are comfortable with – which for this couple, is obviously the wood and the craft that they work with everyday. Think about where you work, or maybe the things you love to immerse yourself in and why not purposely surround yourself with those things – the things that will make your home really feel like home for you.

Do you love books? How about adding built-in bookshelves to a hallway or living room wall?

Built in shelves covering half the wall. Image credit: Remodelista.

Do you love plants and flowers? How about a corner of hanging plants in your sanctuary or ‘wind-down’ zone or maybe a mini orangery in a well lit part of your home? Wouldn’t that be the perfect place to come home to after a long day!

Hanging plant corner of living room. Image credit:

Do you love working with wood, pipes and other industrial-type fittings? You could totally design or make some of your own furniture from some timber, pipes and elbow fittings!

Industrial style shoe rack – so great for the hallway! Image credit:

Hope you’re thinking more about how you can incorporate your own tastes and style into your home and have got some inspiration from Tom Raffield’s awesome work!

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Til next time, ciao!

x Nonci

*this post was originally featured on the Grit and Flair blog

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