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5 Steps to Getting That Signature Scandi Style!!

By June 22, 2017November 17th, 2017Style Trend

 Here’s 5 key ‘Rules’ to get you that Scandi Style Home…

Want some tips on how to get that cool, pared-down but refined Scandinavian style that is oh so fresh and so stylish? Well on today’s post I’m sharing the unique aspects of the traditional ‘Scandi’ style that you can incorporate into your own home styling, as little or as much as takes your fancy, to take your home to the next level!

With no further ado here’s a quick 5 step breakdown:

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1.  Timberrrr!

Scandinavian style usually has a distinct inclusion of beautiful wood finishes ranging from floors that are typically light-coloured floorboards in every room apart from a possible tiled bathroom. Exposed wood beams, wood panelled walls and sleek, sturdy wooden furniture that are all integral aspects of achieving the perfect Scandi style in your space.  The natural timber look is refreshing in itself, and really complements a minimalist style too. You can vary the shades of light coloured wood to give your space some character and really put your own identity into a room. You can also white-wash, varnish, polish or sand-down timber floors or furniture to create various textures in the wood finishes.

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 2. Walls

Shades of white are the perfect backdrop to achieving the signature Scandi style. As we all know, there are sooooo many shades of white, and honestly you can choose any of them that you feel would be a great background and finish to your room scheme. Even lighter and warmer shades of grey are a great idea to achieve the fresh look that is so loved in the Scandi style. Want to add more interest to your wall? – add some slatted wood screens or exposed brick too!

Style tip: start with light coloured floors and walls and then build up your colour palette to include your favourites!

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3.  Furniture

Think clean, simple and comfy – a cushy sofa in natural or grey toned textured fabrics, a raw timber coffee table or even some tree-stump side tables. Some great stores (apart from IKEA which I love!) that you can get ideas from are Interior Secrets , My Scandinavian Home and Curious Grace.

So that takes care of the ‘backdrop’ for your perfect Scandi styled room. Now you can start layering your favourite colours!

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4.  Artwork and Accessories

Again here, think MINIMAL. Black and white photos or art works so well with this style but you can absolutely start including some of your favourite pastel and subtle colours! Simple black, white, light or dark timber frames also work like a dream!

In terms of accessories – a well placed woven, sheepskin or cowhide rug, definitely goes a long way to creating warmth in the space. White, black (and shades of grey between) vases and statuettes are also a great way of adding your personality in the room. Less is definitely more when it comes to the Scandi style so try not to clutter up the coffee table or any shelves with too much STUFF.

Think pastel pink or yellow cushions, chevron pattern throws, geometric shapes in art or the rug, copper light-fittings, baby blue pouf with mid-century style legs and you’ll be on the right track!


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5.  Greenery

Want to add more life to the space? Another important element in the signature Scandi style is greenery! I absolutely love styling with plants and what’s great is you can have great big indoor trees growing in the corner of your living room floor or have a few leafy hanging plants and other potted plants on the window sills. Plants really add a great vibe to a room and to this style.

Don’t you love the Scandi style?! I hope you’re inspired (and now fully equipped!) to try out this awesome style yourself.

Styling tips to achieve the perfect Scandi styled room:

  • Less is more
  • Start with a simple palette of white and grey and build up your colours gradually
  • Greenery adds life to a room
  • Make it your own!

Til next time, ciao!


*This post was previously featured on the Grit and Flair blog.

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