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My 5 Favorite Artists To Follow…

5 Artists You Should be Following!

I love discovering new things, especially people who also share a similar passion for art and creativity, among other things! Whether you’re a Pinterest person or Google searcher or you find people through social media or at local markets, I think it’s always amazing when you discover someone else on the planet that expresses themselves in an awesome creative way that speak’s to you and that you totally just fall in love with.

Well, the following artists are some of those whose work I’ve had an immediate pull towards. Sometimes you can explain it, and sometimes – YOU JUST LIKE IT…and I think that’s totally okay (no need to over complicate life!). I both admire and draw inspiration from the following artists and I follow these folks on social media (because its so easy!) and I thought I’d share some of them with you all as I’m sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with their work – if you haven’t already! Follow the links (click their name) to get to their individual websites so you can see more of their amazing work!

First up (no secret!)..

Catherine Hiller

Bloom | Catherine Hiller

‘Bloom’. Image credit:

I can’t quite remember where i first saw her work, but I can remember falling in love with it immediately! The colors, the vibrancy of the work, the texture, brush strokes sweeping here and there…all of it – I just love it! I recently went to check out her Open Studio in St Kilda and had a chance to chat with her which was fantastic. She’s been painting for over 30 years and I honestly aspire to be as good as this when I grow up!

Catherine, Buddy and I at Catherine’s St Kilda Studio. (excuse the fuzziness!)

Michael Bond 

‘The Clearing’ by Michael Bond. Image credit:

I remember first seeing Michael’s art at a Fenton & Fenton event and immediately thinking “Wow!”. The amazing color contrasts and ‘pop‘ factor makes his work really stand out. Who wouldn’t love to have one of his paintings hanging up in their home. Stunning!

Casey Freeman

Casey Freeman Ink Art

Image credit:

I think I first saw Casey’s work on Instagram or at a Finders Keepers event in Melbourne. Either way, her ink paintings are gorgeous and she styles them so well – they’re so easy to fall in love with!

Stefan Kunz


Image credit:

A little different to the other art – yes I know. I remember seeing his work on Instagram and being drawn to his work. His lettering/typography skills are MAD! Imagine my delight at sitting next to him one Sunday at church and watching him write/draw on his tablet – candid moments of the creative process are the best! Anyway – again his work speaks for itself! More than just ‘on trend’, I love what his work stands for and that he’s using his creativity to spread the Word of God!

Maggi McDonald

Winter Garden Print. Image credit:

My most recent and another social media find! I love Maggi’s seemingly effortless color explosion on canvas and paper and now a little bit of fashion too! As someone who’s new to the painting industry (I believe about 3-4 years), I think she’s done such an amazing job at getting her name out there and on people’s lips!

People to watch:

Nyasha Chakaingesu of @lovelysplendour

I don't have a name for this one as of yet. Although every time I see it, it gives me great delight, spark and joy. I hope it does the same to you ☺️ #lovelysplendour

Image credit: Instagram @lovelysplendour

This girl will be making serious waves one day soon and her work is really a joy to behold.! Beautiful colors and texture.

Who are your favorite artist’s to follow?? Let me know in the comments below…

Til next time…



*Featured Image: ‘A Little More Love’ by Catherine Hiller


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