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Indoor Barn Doors – The Edit

Indoor Sliding Barn Doors – The Edit


Two words: BARN DOOR!


As an avid home renovations follower and with all the amazing renovation TV shows that are on now, you have no doubt caught on to the indoor barn door trend. They not only look fabulous but are practical in a multitude of situations!

Gorgeous geometric pattern sliding barn door. Image credit: Lauren Nelson Design

While some say the trend is on its way out the door (pun intended!), I think they look great and are really practical – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it, as the old adage goes!

Aside from their obvious aesthetic appeal, the fact that they can come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors means that they are worth considering when you are looking at updating or building your own home!


They act as a sliding door to partition two rooms.

Love this mirrored barn door separating the bathroom from the bedroom! Image credit: Ezra Lee Design + Build

They can act as a piece of artwork.

Bring nature indoors with this great big slice of tree! Image credit: Traditional Home

They save on door swing space in tight spaces.

Door slides smoothly behind furniture. No mess, no fuss. Image credit: Modern Cottage

You can ‘hide’ a whole space behind them with a trendy look door.

Concealed study nook in a living room. Image credit: Maree Homer /


  • Cost can be significantly more than a regular door.
  • Depending on the hardware you use – ease of use may not be the greatest if its a door you have to open and close often.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it? I’m still in favor of the doors to stay and love it in not only in its traditional timber form but also the frosted glass sliding door like these beauties:

Image credit: Luxe Interiors & Design

Double barn door! Image credit: Seen on

Have a look at these pages here , here and here for where to purchase some great looking barn doors in Australia! You can also compare options from Etsy and your local Bunnings.

If you’re keen for a bit of DIY check out this YouTube tutorial here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! Let me know in the comments section what other house ideas you’d like me to share inspiration on.

Check out more door inspiration on my Pinterest board here!

Til next time!



*Featured Image credit: Lauren Nelson Design

Love it? Live it!

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